Below are some commonly asked questions we receive



How do companies end up at the investment evening?


Companies are filtered based on basic eligibility requirements by ICE Angels CEO Robbie Paul following application. They are then screened by the deal flow committee who provide feedback and coaching prior to presentation to the club.


How do I find out who other members are?


ICE Angel events including investment evening are the best way to meet other members. Jack can also arrange a 1 on 1 meet with members of the advisory board by request.


How much do Angels typically invest?


ICE Angels should invest more than $20k per annum, and the club average is $40k per member though this varies widely from the minimum to in excess of $200k per annum for active members.


How do investments take place?


Once all terms are finalised, funds are transferred to the IA nominee account, from which the investment is made and shares are held by IA Nominees on your behalf.


How does the ICE Angels make money?


The ICE Angels make money through membership fees, a commission on investments charged to the company and sponsorship. These are revenues used to manage and grow the club, rather than generate profit.


What is the relationship with The Icehouse?


The Icehouse founded the ICE Angels and underwrites losses made by the club. Staff, resources and office space are shared and natural synergies benefit both the club and Incubator through deal flow and expertise sharing.





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